Isn’t it funny how many people and organizations teach or train other people and organizations on how to do or implement things or processes they have never actually managed or implemented?

Doesn’t it amaze or surprise you the number of experts we find in every single field?

Nowadays, it seems that anyone can be a Life or Executive Coach, without actually living or managing something for that matter; I read an article not long ago on Coaching that read “you would not ask someone that has never played tennis before to coach you on how to play it, would you?”, but then again you go and hire someone to coach you on how to manage your business or your team, and don’t ask yourself the question “has this person actually ever faced a situation like the one I’m facing?”.

A similar thing happens in the Consulting world, more and more you see people or organizations of all sizes, offering consulting services for things they’ve never actually done. Project Management Offices being implemented by people or organizations that have never had a PMO or EPMO, or run it for the matter, people preparing others for professional certifications WITHOUT HAVING THEM!!

I mean, it is clear than most of the different Process, business and personal development/improvement methods out now are fairly new (less than 30 years), which makes them NOT THEORY, but rather BEST PRACTICES; let me put this in perspective, academia, develops a practice or method 20 Years after it has been “out in the field”, that is for the sole purpose of allowing it to be validated by the different “industries”; once validated, academia begins to research it and creating theory around it!

That being said, wouldn’t it be not only natural, but also rational to actually validate expertise before allowing someone to improve your “ship”, just to make sure they don’t wreck it in the process?

Just because you take a course (training) on something, doesn’t make you an expert.

Just because you’ve read plenty of books on a matter, doesn’t mean you can do it or are an expert on that matter.

Just because you’ve done something many, many times without knowing if it is the best way, doesn’t mean you are an expert either.

It takes a combination of EXPERIENCE (LOTS OF PRACTICE), KNOWLEDGE, TRAINING AND ATTITUDE, to become an expert in something! And clearly no one can be an expert in everything, so be careful about that too! A person or organization that says that can do everything is truly and most definitely LYING!

When you are trying or in need to become an expert or improve a process/business, make sure you use an EXPERT that has lived or experienced what you or your organization are about to live or experience, a Validated one, do not fall on the anyone can, we can read about it and do it or I’m a do it learner trap!!

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